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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 2:03 am    Post subject: Introduction Reply with quote


Gmail revolutionized email by offering a web based equivalent to Outlook and Thunderbird, except this was completely web based. No more Installing. So did Google Docs and Spreadsheets, or Zoho office, or etc, they had entirely free and web based clones of Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Or Microsoft Windows, then there is Linux and now there is desktoptwo eyeos and youos.

I think of it as a development cycle, somebody makes something that is expensive, then something free, then something entirely Web based.
Now, what about Flash. According to adobe, 97% of all people who browse the Internet have flash player installed. By far larger than the amount of people who have outlook, thunder bird, Microsoft office, or Openoffice installed. Flash also accounts for a large percent of So why isn't there a freeware open source replacement to this $400 software? There are though, UIRA, F4L, QFlash, KDSFlash, and more, but they are early in development. So when is the third generation web 2.0 equivalent for animation software coming? This is what I want to develop.
I am working on a project to make an open-source browser based Flash Authoring system.

It is a Hypertext Markup Language and Java Script based Shockwave Flash Animator, using pre-existent client-side Ajax SVG editors, modified to create alternative scripts that loosely resemble the flash file specification. Since XML, SVG, and HTML technologies are not yet powerful to create actual Shockwave flash files, it will use a Java Applet for SWF byte code compilation through JavaScript aggregated scripts using open source classes and libraries on Java Enabled Platforms. If that sort of platform you are using is not Java Enabled, an alternative could exist by uploading the script via HTTP Post to a server capable of, through CGI, generating the SWF file though (almost) the same process of the Java Applet, and sending it back to the HTML rendering system, or Flash IDE container.

Future Uses for this:
The Internet is for online Communities. You tube for a video community, for a hosting community, flickr for a photo-sharing community, blogger for a blogging community, and many more. Albino Black Sheep is a very nice animation sharing community, causing viewers of it to envy those whom have Macromedia Flash IDE to being able to make animations. We could start a new flash animation sharing community where a user could make an animation, and another user would make a sequel or prequel, to it. and everyone could do it. Imagine the amount of intellect, humor, thought, that the users could put into the animations, sharing with their friends, and maybe even adding them to their websites and attracting more people to the site.
Others might want to use this webware for improving their sites with animations for splash screens, or for a nice animated banner or a menu for those who oppose DHTML or just find it too complicated.

IE might not be supported because of how it only supports VML, unless I manage to find a IE hack that emulates SVG on IE
I don't think it will be literally "AJAX" because its mainly Client Side Code, and Ajax is client and server side.

Creating an open source browser-based IDE for flash development.
Process of developing:
[Development Vision]
Finding an open-source SVG Editor
Make a SVG to sections of SWFML, XML, or an entirely new scripting language code translator or modify the SVG editor's SVG rendering system
Making a timeline system - pretty obvious....
Making a script to combine SWFML, XML, or an entirely new scripting language code, parts as frames
Generating the swf through a java applet, I think JavaSWF2 would be decent

Proposed Functionality in early releases:
Completely Client-Side
Platform Independence
Completely Open Source
HTML/JS/SVG Front end
JS/Java Back end
SA AS components (Software As A Service) (for non-java-enabled platforms)
Drawing Lines
Drawing Free form
Drawing Squares
Drawing Eclipses
Basic Action-script Editor
Java Applet for SWF byte-code compilation through JavaScript aggregated scripts using open source classes and libraries

SVG Rendering system/Editor - Rich Draw (or Cumulate Draw, if I can manage to get it's source) - Done
Action-script Editor - Using Code Press open source syntax highlighter and the javascript
Timeline-It's fine but not very functional - 20%
Javascript Back-end - 1% ( i don't feel like giving it a 0 percent)
Java Library for Java Back-end - JavaSWF2 seems decent - Done
Java Back-end - 1% (again, i don't feel like giving it a 0 percent)

Q. Why don't you just code the whole thing in Java?
A. HTML/JS is much more platform Independent than Java. The idea is to make an animation on the site, save to the site's server, and continue working on it later. Later being able to publish it and be sort of a YouTube for Flash Animations/Applications. Another aim of this project is to be next-generation software, sure there are about 10 open source multiplatform C++ based flash IDEs out there, but none of them truly represent the future of software, or true platform independence.

Q. Is there going to be ActionScript support?
A. Probably No. I don't want this to be fully fledged, as most of the people who will probably be using this will be kids who just want to amaze their friends by making animations.

Q. Motion Tweening?
A. What's flash without motion tweening? The maturity of the open source software replacements to the Flash IDE are somewhat immature. Many of them do not even support it. But, this will be supported. Though it might not exist for a while...

Q. How many developers are currently working on this?
A. 2, Me, (and I'm not even a real programmer) and antimatter15 (again, not really a developer). Please support the project.

Q. What is the purpose of the 'Help>Give Me A Seizure' function?
A. The 'Give Me A Seizure' function was the first fully functional part of the Animator. It also goes along with 'Flash' (get it?).

Q. Why don't you have more questions in the F.A.Q.?
A. I can't think of any other questions.
-- Administrator
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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 6:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This thread should be somewhat a wiki, for people to be able to suggest additions or remove content.
- My Ajax Animator
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Joined: 04 May 2007
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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 7:15 pm    Post subject: I know... Reply with quote

It's as close to a wiki as we can get through phpBB, because if someone wants something added in, I will edit my post, then delete the request. This way is also more secure than a actual wiki. Some people, like one of my classmates, go onto sites like wikipedia and delete or change whole posts. I don't want to suffer that fate.
-- Administrator
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